Grouped remote hands

They are executed when there is a fair amount of remote hands in the pool, usually every week. The big advantage for our customers is that the price is greatly reduced. It works on a first come first server basis.

We guarantee its execution however we can give any guarantee on the when as said above when the pool is filled we execute them.

You can see the price of this kind of remote hands here

Business hours remote hands

These are done during business hours within 4 working days. This is just like any remote hands available in a datacenter except that the price is much lower.

You can purchase this type of remote hands here

Emergency remote hands

This type of remote hand is executed at any time, it’s a one time fee to add on top of the price of a business hours remote hands.

You can purchase these in advance and use them any time.

More info here

10 Hours of remote hands pack

It’s a pack of 10 hours for remote hands during business hours, so no need to order them one by one, they’re in your account and you can use them any time.

More information here